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Create a unique profile, review your matches anonymously, and get notified when a company wants to meet you. Let our matching algorithm work its magic - start exploring new opportunities now!

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Increase your candidate pool and cut your sourcing time in half. Be introduced to qualified candidates who actually want to speak with you.

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Eventbrite Greg Stock, Sr. Manager of Tech Recruiting

As a fast growing global company, Eventbrite is hiring aggressively to outpace the large demand of our platform and service around the world. Whitetruffle has proved to be a valuable partner by helping us go beyond our networks, and consistently providing a pipeline of highly qualified candidates.

Pebble Eric Migicovsky, Founder and CEO

Whitetruffle has been instrumental in connecting us to plenty of qualified candidates quickly, which resulted in a hire that is now an integral part of our team. We continue to use Whitetruffle with confidence, and would recommend it to any founder who is looking to grow their team.

Optimizely Ryan Jordan, Senior Techincal Recruiter

Whitetruffle helped make hiring fun again for our engineering team. What once scared everyone away has now become a task our team gets excited about and want to help with. Our Director of Engineering and myself have made multiple hires through Whitetruffle and it continues to be our main tool for sourcing candidates. I don't see this changing anytime soon.

UpCounsel Mason Blake, CTO

We tried real recruiters as well as all the new recruiting sites and Whitetruffle was the only thing that worked for us. With multiple hires!

Vanessa Wallis Software Engineer at Shoprunner

It takes a lot of time. I’m not just looking for any job – I want a great fit.

Herbert Binteroe Web Engineer, Eventbrite

Everything went smoothly from the very beginning. It has truly been a great experience!

Alex Davies Software Engineer, Asana

I didn’t expect the number of serious matches they sent me, and I’m really happy that I got an awesome job and will be moving soon!

Kevin Zittle Frontend Developer at CommonPlace

Just wanted to let you know that I am no longer looking… because of you! Thanks so much for making a platform that pairs.

Mateusz Byczkowski Software Developer, Moovweb

I went on Whitetruffle specifically to look for a cool job at a U.S. startup because I wanted to move to the Bay Area. You beat all the stinking recruiters! If I ever need a job again I’ll come back to you guys.

Kaushal Kantawala Mobile Lead, Room 77

It's the only way I’d job hunt ever again. I was matched with companies that I would really like to work for and had a background applicable to. Wish dating websites could learn from Whitetruffle.