Whitetruffle is...

Fueling innovation by matching tech talent with companies

Recruiting is broken.

Employers waste their time digging through databases and sifting through piles of unqualified and irrelevant resum├ęs, which in the end all start to look the same. Candidates spend their day fielding unsolicited calls from annoying recruiters, scouring hundreds of job board postings, and blindly send out their resume hoping for a reply.

Employers and candidates alike are looking for that perfect opportunity.

That's why Whitetruffle takes a whole different approach.

Our algorithm uses work history, skills, location, re-location, and other unique data to ensure that the right candidate is always matched with a relevant position. Matches are delivered to your inbox as they come in, and we introduce you only to the candidates or employers you actually want to talk to.

Joining Whitetruffle's marketplace grants you access to a unique source of talented candidates and up-and-coming companies.

Why the pig?

Smarty the Pig

Truffles are extremely rare. White ones are available only a couple of months a year, almost exclusively from one part of Italy, where they must be foraged by special pigs. They are, in short, the perfect luxury commodity and very precious, just like our talented candidates.

Smarty, our beloved mascot, helps sniff out our truffles and match them with their new homes.